St Georges Hill

LOCATION: St Georges Hill, England

Set in mature estate grounds in Surrey, the house had undergone major refurbishment internally. It was time to attend to the garden, and,apart from the existing trees, a few specimen shrubs and the boundary hedging, everything needed some thought.

On exiting the kitchen we create a circular stone terrace, raised above the main lawn which stretches out to the woodland beyond. A cool reflective pool flows into the catchment rill which envelopes the terrace. Architectural and exotic plants enrich the scheme.

Natural stone paving leads out towards the swimming pool, (completely refurbished, featuring a personalised motif mosaic set on the pool floor) meeting the resin bound surface encircling the pool (ideal for bare feet).

Urbis planters punctuates the terrace, using the foil of the mature hedging . Olive trees underplanted with a Lavender swathe , Allium heads bobbing in between. Butia Capitata, Cordylines and Trachelcarpus palms, Agave and Phormiums, Canna lilies and Agapanthus all conspire to transport you to more Mediterranean climes!!

Secret garden areas reveal themselves , providing play spaces away from view, and occasions to sit and ponder a while!