PROJECT: Jávea Villa – Residential property


Clinging to the Spanish cliffs overlooking a magnificent bay, my clients newly acquired villa required extensive renovations. They envisaged transforming the entire appearance of the building and surrounding landscape. The challenge was to create a modern looking villa, set in contemporary grounds on an extreme site .

Considerable structural work liberated areas, creating wonderful spaces to develop.

Design solutions maximized the views, incorporating an expansive pool terrace, integral planters, split-level seating terraces and a floating staircase to access the top level courtyard garden from the street level.

Soothing Italian sandstone hewn from the hills around Bologna pave the terraces. Bold, rendered walls buttress the sculpted contours of the hillside, robustly defining the villa’s footprint in the landscape. Striking architectural plants take centre stage for a moment before your eyes are drawn inevitably to the natural beauty of the bay, sea and sun.

Architectural, aesthetic design advice was given to steer elements of the interior and exterior of the villa. For example, cut out slot windows allowed you to catch glimpses of the courtyard garden and the sea views beyond. Floating walkways with glass balustrades to give the clients uninterrupted views over the bay whilst walking to the main entrance elevator, which transports you down into the heart of the villa.