New York Penthouse

PROJECT: New York – Roof terrace to penthouse apartment


Our clients brief for us was to create a contemporary, timeless, stylish roof garden for them to enjoy and to entertain their friends. In New York, space is at a premium and it is a treat to have outdoor space to develop. The apartment is in a new-build block and built to the highest of specifications.

The challenges we faced were, wind, cold, heat, noise pollution from air conditioning units and other plant, as well as irregular shaped, very small spaces. Our clients wanted an outdoor kitchen, a dining area and a lounging area.

The geometry of the building, the space available to us, and the list of requirements led us to a design where each area was individual in design, yet had links to the next area leading on from it. The materials and design lines and lighting helped achieve these links.

Philip Nash designed the hard elements of the garden out of corian. This meant that all elements of the kitchen, planters and water features could all merge seamlessly and appear as one. The properties of corian allowed curved bespoke planters to be molded for the lounge terrace. This is the first project to incorporate corian in an outdoor environment. Second only to Philip Nash’s Chelsea 2008 Show garden.

The main feature on the dining terrace is the spectacular glass DNA waterwall. This piece, designed by Philip Nash, incorporates the DNA images of the two clients (graphics created by DNA11) and displays the image between glass within a steel framework, with water running down the front face. This piece, spectacular when lit at night or with the sun rays shining through, is also one of a kind.