LOCATION: Henley, England

The garden was designed over 3 phases. First phase encompassed the front garden with an in-out drive as well as a seating terrace and play area. The existing front garden sloped sharply from one end to the other which created an unbalanced view from the house. The design sculpted the ground to create a more level lawn and sloping flower beds to bring the front garden more into balance. The boundaries were replaced by a beech hedge which was more in keeping with its country setting.

The area around the house and annex was redesigned using curved rendered walls to define areas and direct flow of movement. Designing in a terrace and a fun play area with play house and dramatic tree ferns.

The second phase of the project was a complete re-design of the back garden and pool area to include a new pool terrace and contemporary pool house. The back lawn was opened out and sculpted to a gentle slope. Gabions and natural stone were used to raise the pool terrace out of the landscape, extending it and giving the clients room to enjoy the pool area and be able to look out over the lawns and planting and natural scenery beyond.

A large scale planting relocation project was set up to transplant existing plants that the client was fond of and then incorporate them in a new plating design for the whole project.

The third phase, as yet not complete, is to redesign the pond water feature, extending, improving and incorporating it into the new garden design.