Hampton Hill

Location: Hampton Hill

Space is the one commodity that’s so precious in smaller gardens, so maintaining a ‘sense of space’ whilst using it is vital. The demands are so much greater. More precision and discipline are required to ensure the garden is balanced, and that the proportions work both practically and aesthetically.

This courtyard was the pre-curser to my first show garden at Chelsea, and, being my own garden, I could experiment and develop ideas.

Stone rendered walls define the space, creating a powerful visual impact and a perfect backdrop for the architectural plants, reflecting light into the garden. The elevated stone terrace and pathway plinths cantilever off their hidden supports suggesting a ‘floating appearance’, enhanced by underlighting. The waterwall and reflective pool provide the principle focal point of the garden. Water, such a dynamic element in any garden, dances as it falls into the calm expanse. Hardwood stepping stones provide design detail and a crossing to the gateway beyond. Corner benches suspend over evergreen planting, maximising the space and softening the bold forms. The low table is able to accommodate a party of friends!

Specimen plants – Butia capitata and Chamaerops humilis are evergreen centrepieces, providing the structure for complementary planting such as Grevillea, Echium, Agapanthus and Canna.

Lighting and music completed the elements that transformed the ‘back yard’ into an enchanting oasis, where we could relax and entertain.