Plant Supply & Planting Service

We offer a plant sourcing, supply and planting service which is independent from our landscape designs.

We provide either a planting mood board and plant list or a detailed planting plan. Once we have put together a palette of plants perfectly suited to your individual garden microclimate and style of design; we endeavor to personally select the highest quality plants available for your project.

We work expertly selecting plants from within a budget to best plant your garden. We include a considered variety of smaller planting, shrubs and grasses, seasonal colour/accents, architectural, mature feature planting and trees to give instant structure to the garden.

Projects range from a full re-styling of the planting to key aspects, views and significant areas in a larger garden.

We travel to large nurseries in Europe and all major UK specialist nurseries where we source and reserve fantastic feature plants and mature trees for our clients.

Once it is time to get the plants in the ground, Philip Nash will personally lay them out. This personalised element allows for slight tweaks in the design should they be required. Our team will then begin the planting under his supervision.

By providing this personalized service, we can guarantee the standard and quality of the plants and installation. We feel it is an invaluable service providing you with a garden of evergreen structure and seasonal interest for you to enjoy for years to come.

Minimum budgets apply. Please contact us for details.